Outcomes & Analytics

Have the information at your fingertips to understand where your home care costs are, monitor
patient compliance and improve outcomes for high risk populations.

Strong Insights

Our reports provide health plan providers with the clinical data to provide more efficient and high quality service. Understand where your money is being spent.

Risk Management

By mapping the care provided by caregivers, our health plan partners can mitigate risks, improve costs and drive value to their members.

Caregiver Management

Empower your case managers with real-time data to connect, communicate and support
caregivers in the home.


Services Delivered

It’s not enough to assume that the care you’ve contracted for is being delivered. Track daily caregiving activities for your members. Monitor caregiving between visits.


A + Care

Care Heroes provides all the information health providers need to benchmark the quality of care, reduce their risk with engaged and supported caregivers and keep members at home

Case Manager

Engage your caregivers and tap into their knowledge to train new caregivers.

Care Plan

Gain insight into what’s occurring in the home between visits. Tap into their knowledge to train new caregivers.

Member Management

Work with engaged caregivers to provide better value for your members while ensuring they receive care at home.

Caregiver Reports

Take control of your daily caregiving activities. Show the value of all you accomplish in a day by tracking caregiving to and even earn rewards.

Care Report

Each and every day you are a Care Hero. Your hard work means others can remain safely and comfortably at home.

Logging all the daily caregiving tasks you provide gives our health plan partners an understanding of the impact of your caregiving.

Time Tracking

Track the number of caregiving hours actually delivered against expectations. Know which caregivers are providing the appropriate amount of care.

Incident & Risk Report

Allow care managers to be proactive by managing risks and keeping members at home. Plan for the best outcome.

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