Caregiver Reports

Take control of your daily caregiving activities. Show the value of all you accomplish in a day by tracking caregiving and even earn rewards.

Care Report

Each and every day you are a Care Hero. Your hard work means others can remain safely and comfortably at home.

Logging all the daily caregiving tasks you provide gives our health plan partners an understanding of the impact of your caregiving.

Time Tracking

Logging the tasks you accomplish and the hours you spend validates all you accomplish on a daily basis.

Incident & Risk Report

Recording possible risks & major incidents as they occur is essential to help you provide the best care possible and for care managers to support you in your caregiving.

Caregiver Community

Caregivers are today’s unsung heroes. Connect with other caregivers who are
on the same journey.

Start a Discussion

Become a better caregiver by connecting with others who have faced the same issues or caregiving concerns.

Share a Link

Share the knowledge you’ve gained, give others tips on how you’ve dealt with certain issues and provide encouragement to other caregivers.

Care Coins

To reward you for the sacrifices you’ve made and the long hours you’ve put in, Care Heroes has
created an reward program to acknowledge your impact.

Our Caregiver Currency

Our health plan partners want to thank you for your hard work. By tracking your caregiving, you can earn and redeem Care Coins towards a Gift Card or other reward.

Send a Gift

Thank other caregivers who have made a difference in your life. Send them some care coins today and make a difference in theirs.


Use the Care Coins you’ve accumulated with all your hard work and redeem them for one of our Gift Cards. Treat yourself first.

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